Author: Gary Hennessy

Rescuing & recycling unwanted household items

The power of buying second hand items in Adelaide

Turn on the news and it seems that every second story is about cost-of-living pressures. Fair enough, as many of us are feeling the pinch and doing it tough. While there’s little you can do about the price of petrol and lettuce, there is something you can do when looking to purchase many other items…
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Zero waste in Adelaide starts with reusing unwanted goods

Terms such as ‘global warming’, ‘climate change’ and ‘zero waste’ are now part of the everyday vernacular, but as individuals, the issues can be quite daunting and we can struggle to see how our small actions can make a difference. Well, they can, and one way to make a difference if you live in the…
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Where to buy Collectibles in Adelaide

If you live in Adelaide, like watching collectibles lifestyle programs on television such as Antiques Roadshow, and regularly head to markets hoping to grab a new item for your collection, no doubt you’ve asked yourself if there are other places to buy collectibles in Adelaide. The answer is yes, so let’s look at a few…
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Waste not, want not – buying second hand furniture in Adelaide

Whether you’re a second hands goods pro who visits garage sales, ops shops and second-hand stores regularly or a first-timer, one of the key things you’ll likely look for is furniture. Buying new furniture can be mighty expensive, and bargains can be had from picking up used items. Second-hand furniture bargains One of the main…
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Finding second hand goods near you

If you’re the type of person who goes to local garage sales, Google’s ‘second hand goods near me’ and trawls online sites for used bargains, then you’re a bit like Gary Hennessy from Gary’s Bazaar. He set up his store in part to reduce the incredible waste of second hand goods going to landfill and…
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Look at the picture. Tell me what you see. A shelf full of glasses!!! What’s so important about glasses. If you look closely at the 2 glasses behind the centre clear one, you can see Gold writing on them. While you can’t read it, they are Commemoration glasses of the opening of the Coorara Primary…
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