Waste not, want not – buying second hand furniture in Adelaide

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Waste not, want not – buying second hand furniture in Adelaide

Whether you’re a second hands goods pro who visits garage sales, ops shops and second-hand stores regularly or a first-timer, one of the key things you’ll likely look for is furniture. Buying new furniture can be mighty expensive, and bargains can be had from picking up used items.

Second-hand furniture bargains

Second hand furnitureOne of the main attractions of buying second-hand furniture is the price. How much can you save by buying second-hand furniture for your Adelaide home? It really depends on a range of factors, such as quality, age and condition. However, you can easily slash one-third, half or even more off what you’d pay for new items. Price is not the only reason to buy second-hand furniture.

A lot of new furniture these days is mass-produced, made from cheaper materials that don’t last; comes in a box and needs to be assembled. That’s OK to a point; however, it’s worth buying quality for some items. With the money you can save by buying second-hand furniture, you may be able to buy solid, quality second-hand furniture for your Adelaide home that’s built to last. You may even be able to pick up handcrafted furniture for not a lot more than the stuff you need to assemble yourself.

Things to watch out for when buying second-hand furniture in Adelaide

To get the right piece of used furniture at a reasonable price, consider the following:

  • Would you buy a new car without taking it for a test drive? Most people will answer no and the same should apply for furniture. Try it before you buy it. This particularly applies to furniture such as chairs, desks and beds, but it’s equally important with other furniture. By seeing it in the flesh, rather than online or in photos, you can make sure your second-hand furniture is a bargain, right for you and not a lemon.
  • Consider your willingness and ability to repair furniture that needs a little love. For example, a table or desk that has some surface imperfections can be bought back to its former glory with a little work, and you might get an even better bargain.
  • Do some research and have a reasonable idea of what you’re likely to pay so you don’t end up paying over the odds.
  • Get to know aspects such as materials and workmanship. For example, a desk made from hardwood and built using quality workmanship such as dovetailed joints is going to last a lot longer than MDF self-assembled desks. You’ll need to pay more for the former, but it’s usually worth it.
  • For a simple test on the quality for some second-hand furniture, check the weight. If it’s lighter than you expect, chances are it’s been made from cheaper materials.
  • Measure your space at home before you buy. There’s nothing worse than coming home with what you think is an absolute bargain if it doesn’t fit.
  • Always consider whether you really need the item of second-hand furniture that you’ve got your eye on. If you don’t have the space or don’t end up using the furniture, it’s hardly a bargain. This is particularly the case if you’re prone to impulse buying.

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