Where to buy Collectibles in Adelaide

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Where to buy Collectibles in Adelaide

If you live in Adelaide, like watching collectibles lifestyle programs on television such as Antiques Roadshow, and regularly head to markets hoping to grab a new item for your collection, no doubt you’ve asked yourself if there are other places to buy collectibles in Adelaide.

The answer is yes, so let’s look at a few options. We’ll also provide some additional tips on adding to your collection.

5 places to buy collectibles in Adelaide

  1. The first place you may look for collectibles to buy isn’t exclusive to people in Adelaide. In fact, you could live in Armenia, Argentina or Azerbaijan… Just as long as you have an Internet connection. It is, of course, online. There are many online options you can choose, including our own here at Gary’s Bazaar.
  2. The next option is markets, which we mentioned in our opening paragraph. Adelaide has some awesome markets. Not all of them sell collectibles but some, such as Fishermen’s Wharf Market, Fullarton Market and Stirling Market are worth a try.
  3. Another place to find collectibles in Adelaide is the garage sale. Yes, it’s true that some sell more trash than treasure, but if you’re prepared to visit a few garage sales you may find a bargain that some homeowner is virtually giving away.
  4. Online auction websites are another online option that can be worth investigating. These can be particularly useful if you are a collector of niche items, such as stamps, memorabilia and books.
  5. While online can potentially yield excellent results for collectible buyers, there’s nothing like seeing and picking up the collectible before deciding whether to hand over your hard-earned cash. Which is why our last place, and our recommended option, is to seek out collectible stores and warehouses in Adelaide. Gary’s Bazaar in Lonsdale is a great example. Our online section lists just some of the items we have for sale. So, come and wander down our aisles for a unique shopping experience and to pick up your next collectible.

Tips for buying collectibles in Adelaide

Here are some brief yet valuable tips for buying collectibles:

Know your collectibles. Be educated about what you are looking for, otherwise, you’ll probably end up paying over the odds or wind up with items that aren’t worth collecting.

Buy with the head, not the heart. By being objective and patient, you’ll be less likely to make snap, and often wrong, decisions on what to buy.

It’s generally best to buy quality over quantity. This is particularly important if you buy collectibles with a view of selling-on in the future, as items that are in good condition or rare will usually grow in value.

Getting to know dealers, sellers and others who collect similar items to you is a great idea. Having inside knowledge can help you find those sought-after items that you otherwise may have trouble finding. Most people in the collectibles industry love to talk about their passion, even other buyers who are happy to share their tips and advice.