Zero waste in Adelaide starts with reusing unwanted goods

Rescuing & recycling unwanted household items

Zero waste in Adelaide starts with reusing unwanted goods

Terms such as ‘global warming’, ‘climate change’ and ‘zero waste’ are now part of the everyday vernacular, but as individuals, the issues can be quite daunting and we can struggle to see how our small actions can make a difference. Well, they can, and one way to make a difference if you live in the Adelaide area is to start using unwanted goods.

One man’s trash…

One way you can make a difference in the Adelaide area is to ensure any unwanted household goods you have don’t go to waste or landfill. 

It’s worth pointing out what we mean by unwanted goods. These are household items that still have value and are too good to throw away. It doesn’t include items that are damaged, broken or stained and can’t be repaired. It doesn’t include items that other people won’t want. If possible, you should ensure these items are recycled so they stay out of the waste stream and can continue to add value.

What can you do with your unwanted goods? Local op shops are one option and are an excellent choice. Another is to take your items to a business that sells second-hand items.

For example, if you live in Adelaide, and particularly to the south in the City of Onkaparinga, Gary’s Bazaar can help you deal with estate items or unwanted goods that you have on your hands. They’ll remove your unwanted goods and take them to their warehouse for sorting. Some items go to local op shops or other charities, while some items are sold to cover costs.

The great thing about using Gary’s Bazaar is that there is no charge for you. Plus, they’ll even come to your place to pick up your goods!

See Gary’s  Bazaar website for more information and book a collection of unwanted goods today.

Buy unwanted goods

While it’s important to ensure unwanted goods don’t go to waste, it’s all for nothing if the items don’t find a new home where they’ll be well used and loved. So, when you’re next in the market for art, electrical items, furniture, garden items, mirrors, sporting goods and more, stop and consider second-hand items. 

There are many benefits to buying unwanted goods in the Adelaide area, not just the fact that you’re stopping items from going to waste. In addition:

  • You’ll save money, particularly if you do your research.
  • Some second-hand items can actually be better quality than new. For example, unwanted furniture that haseen built by hand or by using traditional carpentry workmanship.
  • With a bit of DIY skills, you may be able to pick up a bargain that you can restore to its former glory.

Find a Bargain

To find your bargain, call into Gary’s Bazaar at 2/14 Kitawah Street in Lonsdale. The warehouse is open from Monday through to Saturday, from 9am to 5pm. We have a wide range of second-hand goods available. You can also see some of our items and purchase online.

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