Donate second hand furniture and goods to us

Rescuing & recycling unwanted household items

Donate second hand furniture and goods to us

Are you downsizing, have a deceased estate home that needs to be cleared, updating your old furniture, moving into a retirement home or moving long-distance and have too much furniture to take with you? If your second hand furniture is too good to throw away, don’t. Donate the items to Gary’s Bazaar and we’ll take care of everything for you, ensuring your old furniture has a second life.

Donate second hand furniture in Adelaide

Donating pre-loved furniture, or for that matter, any second-hand items, can make a big difference. It can make a difference to people who possibly can’t afford new furniture. And by ‘recycling’ and not letting your old furniture go to the landfill, you’ll be making a difference to the environment.

Moreover, donating used furniture is perhaps easier than you think. In fact, it only takes a phone call or submission of a simple form on a website.

Gary’s Bazaar can remove all unwanted household items, including second-hand furniture. There are some items we don’t take – such as rubbish, broken or damaged items, chipboard or flat pack furniture, lounges and stained mattresses – but all the rest we can look after. 

Once you make a booking with us to donate your second hand furniture, we’ll organise a time to come and pick it up. There is no charge and you don’t have to lift a finger.

What happens to the second hand furniture you donate?

Some of the furniture that people donate will end up for sale in our store. This is to cover the costs of us providing the service and storing the furniture and other items. Many items, however, are provided to charity. Some items are given to local op shops, while others are given to a charity that transports and distributes second-hand items overseas.

Wherever your second hand furniture ends up, you can be assured that used furniture you donate to us will be put to good use.

Service born from life experiences

You could say that Gary’s Bazaar’s furniture donation service was born from life experiences.

While working in his real estate business, Gary Hennessy saw the issues people had when getting rid of unwanted goods when moving house. Then he did his own long-distance move. While most of the family’s prized possessions fitted in the moving van, there was just too much to take it all and what remained ended up in landfill.

Not long after, Gary started collecting furniture and other items for free. Some of the items he sold online to cover his costs, while the remainder of the second-hand goods were donated to charity.

Sounds familiar? Gary is of course the Gary behind Gary’s Bazaar. He’s still collecting items and selling them for charity, but now it’s on a larger scale!

Donate your second hand furniture today

Ready to donate your second hand furniture in the Adelaide area?  Call Gary’s Bazaar on 0412 681 882 or book a collection on our website.