The power of buying second hand items in Adelaide

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The power of buying second hand items in Adelaide

Turn on the news and it seems that every second story is about cost-of-living pressures. Fair enough, as many of us are feeling the pinch and doing it tough. While there’s little you can do about the price of petrol and lettuce, there is something you can do when looking to purchase many other items in Adelaide. Embrace the power of buying second hand and you won’t look back.

Why second hand is not second best

Ceramic Fruit Platter with Peaches and Grapes DesignThere are many reasons why buying used items is a great idea.

For example, it’s eco-friendly as you’re helping to prevent stuff from going to the landfill and reducing the need for manufacturing new items. Plus, the second-hand items economy is often very localised. In other words, for those of us who live in Adelaide, when you buy second hand the money you spend will stay in the Adelaide area.

However, saving money is the major driving factor for most people considering ‘re-cycled’ goods. Whether you’re shopping for furniture, books, electrical items, clothing, household items, sporting goods or whatever, buying something used is almost always going to be a lot cheaper than new.

How much you can save will depend on a range of factors, such as what you’re buying and its condition. However, as a very rough guide, even near-new items can be purchased for about 50 per cent of the cost of their new price.

These types of savings can certainly add up and help Adelaide households keeping money for essentials such as food, rent and household bills.


Experience the thrill of buying second hand items

While most people who start buying used items do so because of affordability, keep doing it and you’re likely to find another advantage – the thrill.

Yes, buying second hand items is a lot of fun. There’s the thrill of the hunt and the thrill of finding the item you were looking for. Plus, there’s the extra excitement of finding an item that you know is an absolute bargain, discovering used goods that are unique and not mass-produced, or adding to your collection, if you are looking for collectables.

A word of caution. Buying second hand can even become addictive, so it’s lucky that the items are so cheap!


Remove the stigma of buying second hand items

For many people, walking into an op-shop or other store selling second hand goods used to come with a negative stigma. But that’s all changing.

There’s an evident shift in the way that shopping for second hand items including second hand furniture is viewed. Where once you may have tried to hide your finds from friends and family, these days you’re likely to post to social media and yell it from the chandelier when you pick up your latest find.

So, why not join the revolution? Come into Gary’s Bazaar and seek out your second hand bargain.

With new things arriving every week you’ll want to visit again and again!