Setup your new Adelaide home with second hand furniture

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Setup your new Adelaide home with second hand furniture

If you’ve just built a home in Adelaide, are upsizing to a new house, are about to move into your first home, of just looking to get some good quality furniture at a reasonable price, then the chances are there’s little money to budget but you need furniture to make your life more comfortable. While sitting on a rug may look romantic in the movies, it’s going to wear thin quite quickly!

The answer to your issue might be purchasing some second-hand furniture. In this post we’re going to explain how buying second-hand furniture for your Adelaide home is not second best, and you could save a fortune. There are a number of second-hand furniture stores in Adelaide, but finding one that offers good quality at reasonable prices can be tough.

7 reasons to buy second hand furniture in Adelaide

The most obvious reason to buy second-hand furniture is the money that you can save, but it’s certainly not the only one.

1. Save Money

There are a lot of new furniture stores out there and some of them do sell less expensive furniture. However, even compared with these cheaper stores, you’re likely to save buying second hand furniture. How much you save will depend on a range of things, in particular the quality of the items and how desirable they are,  but expect to save thousands across an entire home.

2. Second hand furniture is better made than new

One of the problems with a lot of modern discount furniture is that it’s cheap. As in, cheap and nasty, and not designed to last very long. If you’re smart with your second hand furniture purchases, you can find very good quality used items that are designed to last. It’s less flat pack and more flat out good!

Older furniture will be built using the yesteryear carpentry and trades standards and skills. Older furniture will use beautiful timber that may no longer be available due to short-supply or is now so expensive that it doesn’t make economic sense to use it in modern furniture.

The craftsmanship used to construct older furniture simply wouldn’t be used or appropriate or time-efficient for modern furniture construction. New furniture is more likely to be mass-produced and use components and designs that allow that to happen time-efficiently and at a low production cost.

3. Second hand is not second best.

For example, much of the second hand furniture we sell in our Lonsdale store is from a deceased estates or people who are downsizing. We don’t take items that are broken or damaged. We don’t accept furniture that is flat pack or made from chipboard, so all our furniture is solid timber that stands the test of time.

4. Buying second hand is better for our planet

Buying second hand furniture is good for our planet. According to sustainability expert Mike Berners-Lee, buying a second hand dining table can save nearly half a tonne in CO2 emissions. A sofa, 0.563 tonnes. A wardrobe 0.45 tonnes. A chest of drawers 0.322 tonnes. A person’s average annual carbon footprint in Australia is around 15 tonnes, so these are not minor savings.

Help keep perfectly good used furniture and goods out of landfill by purchasing second hand furniture right here in Adelaide.

5. Upgrade your second hand purchases with some DIY

While some people will look past second hand furniture that is lightly scratched or simply needs a bit of tender loving care, with some DIY skills and time you can restore used items to as-new and save yourself money. In some cases just a careful polish up will bring a dowdy looking table or cabinet back to sparkling life.

6. Support the local economy

The buying and selling of used furniture supports the local economy in Adelaide.

When you purchase new furniture, you often have little idea of where your money is going and who your money is supporting. With much of our new furniture now made overseas and shipped to Australia, your money is effectively going out of the country.

If you purchase second hand furniture from Gary’s Bazaar, your money is staying in Adelaide’s economy and helps to employ local people as well.

7. Buy unique. Buy second hand.

Buying second hand furniture is a great way of filling your home with unique items that will stand out. Items that you’ll love for many, many years. Just because a furniture piece is old, it doesn’t mean that it’s redundant and no longer functional.

Online second hand furniture

Some more progressive Second-hand shops may provide an online shop ability, and that’s exactly what Garys Bazzar has done. Our online shop enables clients to quickly review current stock online from the comfort of their home or office and at any time, day or night. As we provide photos of each item, they can be carefully reviewed to assess their value to the collector and gauge their interest.
Clients can confirm if an item of interest is in stock and published in our online store, before they set off to travel to our store in Lonsdale, south of Adelaide.

Avid collectors regularly scan our eCommerce store for the second-hand furniture and collectibles that they are looking. If interstate collectors find an exciting piece of furniture or a collectable they’ve been pursuing, they will usually contact us promptly to arrange a purchase. So if you see an item on our online shop that you like, we suggest you either call in-store ASAP or call to reserve that item.

Used office furniture too.

Looking for a cheap desk or office chair to use in your business or home office? Yes we have those too, and our office products are much more reasonably priced than paying for new ones.  We regularly have bookcases in stock; some very handsome office chairs fit for a business mogul, practical desks, and get your paperwork in order with one our filing cabinets.

We can supply our second hand office furniture immediately out of our warehouse, where you might be waiting for days or weeks for new products to be shipped here or even manufactured.

Save some funds, so you can redirect the cash into growing your own business.

Used Furniture in Stock

Gary’s Bazaar has loads of second-hand furniture for sale. While we sell a lot of our furniture online, you can do much more by visiting our store. We’re located at 2/14 Kitawah Street in Lonsdale, a 30-minute drive from the centre of Adelaide. Visit us today!

Here are just some of the used furniture we have in stock. Be quick because someone might be buying these as you read :).


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