Yes, even office furniture can be recycled in Adelaide

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Yes, even office furniture can be recycled in Adelaide

Are you looking to recycle your office furniture to make sure it’s given another home to go to? Or are you looking to save some money by buying good quality second hand office furniture?

If you live in Adelaide, there’s good news on both fronts. Whether you’re looking to recycle your current office furniture or purchase second hand goods, there’s only one place you need to go.

Recycle your office furniture

If you have office furniture that you need to get rid of and want to see it recycled rather than thrown away, Gary’s Bazaar in the Adelaide suburb of Lonsdale can help.

As with any pre-loved furniture, Gary’s Bazaar also takes donations of office furniture. By ensuring your second hand office furniture will go to a new home, you’ll be keeping it out of landfill, benefiting people who maybe can’t afford new items, and in some cases helping charitable organisations.

You’ll also be benefiting yourself, as we make donating second hand office furniture easy. All you need do is phone us on 0412 681 882 or book a collection online and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll then organise a time to pick up your office furniture for no cost.

There are a few qualifications. We don’t take broken or damaged office furniture. Plus, we don’t take chipboard or flat pack items. However, if your office furniture is good quality and in reasonable condition, we’d love to help pass it on to a new home.

Purchase second hand office furniture

What happens with your office furniture when you do donate to Gary’s Bazaar?

As with all items that are donated to us, many items are given to local charity stores to sell or donate to their clients, while some is also sent to overseas charities. The remainder of the second hand office furniture is sold in our warehouse to cover our costs.

Which means if you’re looking to purchase second hand office furniture in Adelaide, Gary’s Bazaar is also the place you’re looking for. We have office furniture available online, including office chairs, bookcases, filing cabinets and desks. Plus, there is more in our warehouse at 2/14 Kitawah Street in Lonsdale.

Second hand office furniture outside Adelaide

Whether it’s recycling office furniture or purchasing second hand goods, if you live in Adelaide Gary’s Bazaar has you covered.

If you live outside the Adelaide area, here are some tips for purchasing second hand office furniture:

  • Consider safety and ergonomics. We only sell good quality office furniture, but other sellers might not be so thorough, so confirm that everything is in good working order before you buy.
  • When it comes to office chairs, sit on it! If you can’t get comfortable in a store, sitting on an office chair for 8 hours is going to be painful.
  • Second hand office storage is a great place to start. Like in a home, you can never have enough storage.
  • Measure your office space and have a plan of what you need to buy, before you go on your second hand office furniture spree.