Preloved goods can be cheap and cheery

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Preloved goods can be cheap and cheery

Whether you call them preloved or second hand, what can’t be denied is that purchasing non-new items can be good for your bank account. But did you know that it can also be good for your mental health? How? Let us explain in this post by looking at the ways in which shopping for preloved goods can help improve your life.

10 ways in which second hand items can improve your life

  1. Buying second hand items will almost always be cheaper than buying new items. How much you can save will depend upon a range of factors, such as what you’re buying and its condition, but expect to a fraction of what you would if the item was new.
  2. Look around Adelaide and second hand items are for sale everywhere. From second hand book shops to second hand clothes; from second hand record stores to warehouses like Gary’s Bazaar in the Adelaide suburb of Lonsdale that sell all manner of pre-loved goods. You can even purchase online. So, you don’t have to go far to purchase second hand.
  3. Buying second hand items is not only fun, it’s also better for the planet. Every single new item that we purchase leaves a footprint on the planet in some small way. So, by buying second hand, you’ll be doing your bit and will feel more the better for it.
  4. For some people, purchasing second hand items is essentially the only option. If there wasn’t a market for preloved goods they wouldn’t be able to afford new and would have to go without essentials such as clothes and furniture.
  5. Looking around for preloved goods can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt and you never quite know what you’re going to find. So much more interesting than buying new items in stores that all look the same.
  6. For many people, buying second hand items can be a passion and provide immense enjoyment. Passion and enjoyment equals and improvement in their mental health.
  7. It’s not unusual for people to make money on second hand items. These enterprising people, for example, purchase second hand furniture and do it up for re-sale, collect memorabilia, collectibles, antiques, stamps and other items that inflate in price, and even look around for amazing bargains that they can on-sell for a profit.
  8. These days, second hand isn’t necessarily second best. If you are a shrewd shopper and have done your research, you’ll be able to weed your way through the poor quality or over-priced items to get to the good stuff that you’ll have in your life for many years.
  9. Get into preloved shopping and you’ll find there is a real community of people who are just like you. Whether you see the same people at your favourite second hand stores or in online forums, you may find you make a lot of genuine social connections.
  10. Start buying second hand items and you’ll likely find you’ll appreciate them more than you would new goods. For example, it’s so easy to have a full closet of new clothes but you can never find anything to wear. Most people who buy preloved goods really love their purchases.

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