Is recycled plastic furniture sustainable?

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Is recycled plastic furniture sustainable?

If you were in the market for some second hand furniture for your Adelaide home, would you choose recycled plastic furniture? Is it comfortable and long-lasting, and is recycled plastic furniture even good for the environment?

What is recycled plastic furniture?

For those not in the know, recycled plastic furniture is becoming quite popular around the globe. In involves using recycled plastic rather than virgin plastic when manufacturing furniture. Virtually any used plastic can be utilised, including the millions of plastic bottles we use and throw away every year.

It’s worth pointing out that it’s not only furniture where recycled plastic is finding a purpose. It can also be used in shopping bags, mats and rugs, decking, fencing, signage and a whole range of other purposes.

Is this sustainable and good for the environment? You bet. Around the world, around eight million tonnes of plastic waste end up in our oceans. If we can prevent just some of this waste by making used plastic a resource rather than rubbish, then it’s got to be a good thing.

But is second hand recycled plastic furniture a smart investment?

Okay, so recycled plastic furniture is good for the environment, but it is comfortable and smart looking? And if you’re seeking to buy second hand furniture for your Adelaide home, is recycled plastic furniture long-lasting and a good option?

When it comes to comfort, recycled plastic furniture is no different to other furniture. You’ll find some that is comfortable for you and you’ll find some that isn’t. It’s very much a personal thing. Furniture that is designed with comfort in mind will generally be more comfortable, but also often more expensive.

Recycled plastic furniture is likely to last longer than many other materials. That’s because plastic is inorganic and virtually non-biodegradable. It’s also great for outside as it can withstand the weather better than most other furniture. In addition, it’s resistant to termites, other pests and mould.

Easy Clean Plastic Furniture

We wouldn’t suggest washing your leather chair if it got dirty, but if it’s a recycled plastic chair, no problems. Soap, water, a cleaning cloth and a little elbow grease is all that’s required to keep your furniture looking clean. Recycled plastic furniture is virtually maintenance free. A clean every now and again is generally all that’s required. Other furniture (wood, metal, leather, etc.) will often require more maintenance.

When you do want to get rid of your recycled plastic furniture for a makeover, you can keep the cycle going by having it recycled.

In summary, you’ll not only be saving money by buying second hand furniture for your Adelaide home made from recycled plastic, but you’ll be also purchasing an item that will last a long time. Plus, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.

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