Where to buy cheap second hand antiques online

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Where to buy cheap second hand antiques online

If you love hunting down and purchasing antiques to add to your collection, it’s likely you’ve pondered whether you can, or should, buy cheap second hand antiques online. We say ‘should’ because while purchasing new items via the Internet is generally safe, buying second hand goods does come with greater risk because you can’t inspect the item firsthand.

In this post we’ll explore whether you should buy second hand antiques online and, if you do decide to take the plunge, where you can pick up your bargain.

Cheap, second hand, antiques defined.

Before we take a closer look at the topic, first we should admit that the title of this post needs qualification about the terms cheap, antique and second hand.

When we say ‘cheap’, we don’t mean cheap and nasty. By definition, which we’ll get to soon, antiques are never cheap and nasty unless for example, it’s an antique item that’s been damaged beyond repair. When we say ‘cheap’, we mean a bargain, which, after all, is what most of us antique and collectibles people are always after!

Antiques are any item perceived to have value because of its age, quality, rarity or beauty. Strictly speaking, antiques are often described as being over 100 years old, but any item that’s reasonable old can be termed an antique. So, by definition, any antique item you purchase will be second hand.

Where to buy antiques online.

Google ‘where to buy antiques online’, and you’ll soon see you’re spoilt for choice. From well-known sites such as eBay and Etsy to high-end auction giant Sotheby’s and a whole host of others in between.

In fact, the number of choices can become daunting unless you are after niche antique items. Even then, however, an online search can soon leave you overwhelmed. For example, antique furniture is perhaps the most popular niche item around, and there are literally hundreds of online sites where you can buy items.

Searching for a site online to purchase antiques is not only daunting, but you also need to be wary. Only purchase from a reputable dealer and use legitimate websites. If you do find an item you want to purchase, check out the reviews for the dealer/website before going ahead.

Although we may be biased, one site we can recommend to pick up bargain antiques online is Gary’s Bazaar. You can shop for art & collectibles, antique books, brass collectibles, antique furniture, jewellery, mirrors and other items online, all from the comfort of your armchair.

Antiques in stock.

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Buying antiques offline has its advantages.

Going to an antique store or business such as Gary’s Bazaar might not be as convenient as shopping online, but it does have its advantages. Most importantly, you can thoroughly inspect the item you intend to purchase before you hand over your hard-earned cash. You can also look around and may find another antique that catches your eye that you must add to your collection!

If you live in the Adelaide area, pop into Gary’s Bazaar at Unit 2/14 Kitawah Street in Lonsdale. We are open from 9am to 5pm during weekdays.