Nothing New month a boon for second hand items

Rescuing & recycling unwanted household items

Nothing New month a boon for second hand items

For a business that collects unwanted goods and sells second hand items in Adelaide, Buy Nothing New Month is about as close as it gets to Nirvana. While we may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves, we reckon the month may have been created with us in mind!

What is Buy Nothing New Month and what’s it got to do with Gary’s Bazaar?

Buy Nothing New Month promotes conscientious consumption. It’s about highlighting that all the things we buy comes from finite resources and eventually ends up in landfill. It also promotes the amazing alternatives to buying new, such as sharing, buying second hand items, bartering and swapping. 

As the non-government organisers say, it’s not about never buying anything new. It’s simply thinking about what you are buying and, where possible, buying second hand. Or, as the organisers say, begging, borrowing, bartering and swapping.

One of the goals of Buy Nothing New Month for people who take part is to do one thing for a better future, a bigger bank balance, healthier people and a happier planet. If you live in Adelaide, it could be buying a second hand item instead of purchasing new. It could also be selling or donating something second hand. Or it could be searching online for the best second hand store near you and paying a visit.

Buy Nothing New


Gary’s Bazaar in Adelaide all about Second Hand

That’s where Gary’s Bazaar comes in. Search on Google or another search engine for second hand items in Adelaide and our wonderful warehouse will appear in the list. 

The values of Gary’s Bazaar and the values of our founder, Gary Hennessy, align very closely with Buy Nothing New Month. Our Adelaide business is all about collecting unwanted goods at no charge to homeowners. We then sort the second hand items, with some things going to local op shops and some to overseas charities. The remainder of the second hand items we sell in our warehouse to cover our costs.

You can even purchase second hand items online. So, you can do good from the comfort of your lounge room!

If you live in Adelaide and particularly in the southern suburbs where we are located, however, do yourself and favour and come to our warehouse. Inside you will find a unique shopping experience. For those of us old enough to remember, it will be like stepping back in time to the days when shops that sold second hand items were everywhere. 

With new second items arriving regularly, make a visit to Gary’s Bazaar one of your regular activities. You’ll never know what you may find!

Buy Nothing New Month is in October

Buy Nothing New Month is on right now and runs for all of October. Take a look at their website and pledge to do one thing that aligns with the event’s aims. You won’t be just helping the planet. You’ll also be saving money and having a lot of fun along the way.