Get passionate about art and collectibles in Adelaide

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Get passionate about art and collectibles in Adelaide

Have you got the art and collectibles bug yet? That passion – or should we say addiction – for seeking out the next big bargain that you can add to your collection. Whether you’ve already started your art and collectibles collection or just beginning, Gary’s Bazaar in Adelaide has gathered its top tips to help you out on the journey.

8 top tips for collecting art and collectibles

  1. Focus on Niche.

    For most collectors, it’s best to focus on one area or niche. If you’re collecting art, it could be the one artist, art from a particular era, or art of a particular style. For collectibles, it’s a similar approach. For example, most stamp collectors focus on stamps from a narrow field. For example, from one country or area or a single period of time. In this way, whatever art and collectibles you are amassing will truly become a collection.

  2. Buy what you like.

    It’s always nice when you show your Adelaide art and collectibles collection to get complimentary comments, but collecting is mostly a personal thing. So, buy according to what you like, not what other people think you should like. After all, it is your collection.

  3. Collectables don’t have to be expensive.

    Depending on what you’re collecting, art and collectibles can be expensive. Although it doesn’t have to be that way. For example, you probably can’t afford to buy an old master, but you may be able to afford a limited edition print by a well-known artist. Will it appreciate in value like an original? Unlikely, but for most collectors, they would never part with their favourite pieces anyway.

  4. Set Your Budget.

    Following on from our previous point, make sure you set a budget for your art and collectibles purchases, and stick with it. This might be less important if it’s just you relying on your finances. After all, if you get carried away the seemingly endless need to eat baked beans on toast will perhaps serve a lesson. If you’re in a relationship, however, it’s even more vital. You wouldn’t be the first person to be in the doghouse due to an overly large art and collectibles purchase!

  5. It’s not always about making a profit.

    As we mentioned in point three, most people don’t collect art and collectibles to sell it later or make a profit, but it is possible if you’re particularly shrewd, smart and willing to invest a lot of time and effort.

  6. Collectibles are everywhere

    Depending on what you’re collecting, there are likely to be a host of places you can use for purchases. For example, art galleries, exhibitions, graduate art fairs, garage sales, markets and second-hand stores such as Gary’s Bazaar. There are also bargains to be had in the online world, although for most collectors, there’s nothing like seeing something in the flesh, as it were, before committing to buy.

  7. Research, research, research.

    Yes, it pays to research when extending your Adelaide art and collectibles collection. Being educated about what you are collecting will ensure you know what you’re looking for and how much it’s worth. It can also help you sniff out a bargain.

  8. Don’t forget to have fun!

    Perhaps our most important tip is to have fun. Yes, there are aspects of collecting art and collectibles that could be considered work, but when it’s your passion, it will be worth the effort.

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