Relieve cost of living pressures by buying second hand

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Relieve cost of living pressures by buying second hand

It seems that every time we turn on the news, there’s another announcement about increasing expenses. Electricity, gas, groceries, mortgage payments, petrol and more are going up and it’s putting significant pressure on everyday Aussies.

There is one other thing that is also going up, but this increase does not spell bad news. In fact, the increasing number of people turning to second hand items in Adelaide and indeed across Australia is a good news story and it’s only going to get bigger.

Popularity of second hand items growing

To be fair, the popularity of people buying second hand items in Adelaide and Australia, the so-called ‘second-hand economy’, isn’t a recent revelation. The online platform Gumtree estimates the value of second hand items in Australia has almost doubled in the past ten years.

Saving money isn’t the only reason for the rise in the popularity of second hand items. People have also turned to second hand for other reasons, such as to be more environmentally conscious and because of the fun of buying second hand. The rise in the number of online platforms selling second hand items is also helping.

In recent months, however, there has been an increase in the number of people trading second hand items due to cost of living pressures. For example, Facebook Marketplace saw a 72 per cent increase in listings of second hand goods in Australia in the first half of this year.

Finding a bargain second hand item in Adelaide

If cost of living pressures are hitting you hard, here are some tips to help you save money:

  • Keep a list of the things you need. A list will make you more disciplined, particularly if you’re an impulsive buyer, and will keep you on track when shopping.
  • Now, more than ever, have a budget and stick to it. You can save a lot of money by buying second hand, but even second hand shopping can blow the budget if you’re not disciplined.
  • Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap. Buy it because you need it, it’s a bargain and within your budget.
  • Be prepared to spend some time on your endeavours. Research the items you’re looking for, look at online platforms that sell second hand items, visit op shops and pop in to second hand stores frequently. Stores that sell second hand items turn goods over regularly, so be patient. Just because you don’t find it today doesn’t mean you won’t find it next week.
  • A bargain isn’t a bargain if it’s poor quality. For example, when looking to purchase furniture, steer clear of chipboard and flatpack furniture. Instead, save your money for quality items that will stand the test of time.
  • Don’t dismiss damaged second hand items straight away. For example, clothing with a missing button is relatively easy to fix. Second hand furniture that’s looking its age but is otherwise sound can be rejuvenated with a little know-how and hard work. Some items can be bargains if you’re willing to look past the damage.

Trade in second hand items

Another way to save money from second hand items is to become a seller. For example, you can sell some of the items you don’t need around your home. Or you could buy items that need a little tender loving care, do them up and re-sell for a profit.

The second-hand economy is here and it’s here to stay, so join in the revolution and start saving money today!